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to depend on the higher or lower location of the disease which thus, as it

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out. It is well to keep the disinfecting solution in the bed-pan when it is not

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The use of the semilunar cartilages appears to be to divide the pressure on the

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did not enable us to distinguish between these species in the schizogonic cycle.

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The mature parasite is a long, flat, brownish, leathery,

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glands, especially the mesenteric glands and spleen, and of leu-

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Diamond, Irving, Ph.D. (Univ. of Chicago, 1953), Professor of

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but did not decline after taking either substance alone. 23

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one not alluded to by him, nor any one else, so far as we know. In cases where

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ever drew it out by the feet *, as foon as the placenta

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%• The abora woric is the reaolt of a eoounlsaion sent by the Freneh

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inconvenience in coition. If the male organ is long, it does.

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men the following appearances were visible : A slight blush of

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qualifications, 1 and show that they possess tact and gentleness of

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Bull. U.S. Army M. Dept., no. 85, pp. 92-98, (Feb.) 1945.

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vented. The speaker, in association with Tripstein, has car-

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the menstrual evacuations, so that the physician is induced to

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ination. Although particular attention was given to the bacterial

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nurtural (as they have been called) as w^ell as the natural influences

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economic competition of nations. That England has emerged from

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