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Dr. Mather approved of his being an allowed physician. Dr.
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the habit of rising early during a long life. By attending to
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affected parts, cold as they appear, with intolerable pains. He describes
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15. Unger, L. : Cardiac asthma. 1946 Graduate Instructional
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for packing-house use is largely measured by the degree of firmness on
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ditions, in which the pancreas is normal, is probably due to complete
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But it is those cases where, by dint of treatment, the convulsive
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as operated have uniformly gone on to an uneventful recovery, unless
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fever as compared with the leucopenia of ordinary un-
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All cases of cough, conjunctivitis, undue tiredness, etc., should be
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water over its cut surfaces, not the slightest trace
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disease, yet it sometimes prevails as an epidemic ; and perhaps it
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the esophagus was either only partly filled or entirely emipty but was
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local physicians, on presentation of certificate of form designated on
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be tried. The patient must not on any account make much exertion,
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equilibrated feeling that reminds us of paradise. Many think
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should be placed around the leg as high as possible. Cold appli-
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her husband ; she ought to have seen in a moment that some-
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Capsici Pulvis (Powdered Capsicum. Red Pepper). A red
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perforation of the thin partition between the lower end
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many hours ; or he will perhaps die suddenly, or at the end of some
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resume his care of the wounded. In all cases their instnf-
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M1LIAR.IS— Phricodes, dolor rheumaticus in aliqus
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our purpose is to develop as clear a mental picture of
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rangement of the generative system. If, however, all the other func-
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if found as efficient as we have, that some means be made to keep

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