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August, 1882. He is a man of medium height (5 ft. 9 in.), and
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period lasting years or decades; they have a progressive,
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carpi radialis and median nerve form a barrier anteriorly
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malady known as " brass-founders' ague " is met with amongst those who
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from Gorup-Besanez's work upon that subject. There was a chemi-
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sac, by means of small needles. After having evacuated the fluid
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which it designates, and therefore requiring the complementary
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*' all feverity, and commit them to jail, and prole -
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it most difficult, if possible at all, to extricate himself. Local ap-
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Many attempts have been made to utilise electrolysis in aneurisms,
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Associated with man in his sins, he has been cursed like him with
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a suspected pelvic accumulation. He drains for the first
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of diffusion between contained fluids and return (venous)
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of lialf a grainine every hour may be given. In patienU
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makers, wish to make it generally known to the Dental pro"
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I do not hesitate to answer this question affirmatively ; and
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If the patient be anaemic, he should be put at once upon a
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I would therefore close this address, already extended beyond the
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" we have had satisfactory experience at New Haven, and, ac-
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towns have profited more by such changes than the city of Edin-
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I am inclined to think that surgeons heretofore have been too much
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erally prevent such an accident. I have used this article for
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things considered, is clean, dry earth upon an earth floor.

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