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nourishment either fluid or solid. Towards the end of June
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especial interest in its use other than to determine
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A very important addition to the present edition is the section on
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I need not describe the operation of vaccination. You all know how to
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epidemy of what appears to have been true yellow fever occurred in
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tists are unethical. Such activities lower the honor and
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formed material can grow and transform matter and direct its
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noted in a variety of conditions. It has been regarded however as
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dominant characteristic of the man. The story reads There
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Edition of the Fharmacopceia Londincnsis with Remarks
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the annihilation of the tubercle bacillus. Unless Nature
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normalities and sensory perversions are common accompani
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chloric acid of the gastric juice acts as an antiseptic. Salol
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Moyer Castration Faughnan Tetanus Sallade The Social Posi
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paedeutics will be deepened and extended in the direction of the more
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older patients. HIV infected patients may also have an
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into a byre where the disease had previously prevailed but
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catarrh pneumonia or perhaps pleurisy. But authors are unanimous in
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scars significant of improper and uncleanly methods of treatment
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least disposition to relapse. Hydriodic acid was continued
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of progressive pernicious anemia they will state A progressive per
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has also a specific action upon the substance of the
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chloric and that this acid is the well known solvent
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cases have been examined after operation by experts thoroughly
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to relieve them from the weight as much as possible. If all four
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tends to show that a certain allegation is probably correct.
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Pathology. Abscess of the spleen varies commonly from a microscopic
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some influence like that which leads to the recurrence of sleeping
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used. One enterprising manufacturer published a long adver

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