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uli^r upon tbeunterior Up of the os uteri, after which she was treated
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portant. And above all, let the mother remember never to nurse an
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School of Medicine in North Carolina against the same
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and hurried him to the hospital, so that by ten o'clock of the
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polysaccharide that is to say, of a starch-like substance which on hydrol-
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nearly related, and naturally react on each other, is shown by the love-ex-
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No. 9. F. S. Cracked Wheat. American Cereal Co., at
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DioxTALis EvTBCTB. — No. 2. The record shows the effeota of deven cUyt' digiUlii administratioB
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dyads, triads, tetrads, pentads, and hexads. Here, also, we find
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a nerve bulb it was often found that nerve tendrils existed extending from
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Art. VII. On the Action and Use of the Opium Alkaloids, Cryptopia and
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Although the attacks of so-called " Surgical Scarlet Fever " — that is,
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resignation, what becomes of all their hopes of a great medical reform
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of the drug administered in this manner, in the form of the solution of
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quatuor aut quinque circumvolutum gyris iisfque omnino
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proportions that they raise the loaf as yeast would. —
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penicillin, rectal suppositories and hot packs. The pa-
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padlock, which was sealed with the private seal of Runjeet Singh, in his
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another rabbit, inoculated with a larger dose of the same material,
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be the kidneys. He reported that luematuria had fol-
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Antitetanic serum (500 to 1000 units) is given to all cases
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ply of good nurses, the disease seems to have greatly
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summer months there is a great diminution in the number of cases,
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row, lighter-appearing zone, which is found to bo made up of the free,
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destroyer, and disfigurer of the human family. It is for this
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eigners, among whom affections of the bowels and lungs seem to be
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Every American traveler may well be proud of them for there
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It has been stated above that a portion of the bile was evidently
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prolegs which are not yet protruded, with two slender tracheal trunks
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A filiform bougie is passed until it engages, and then various back
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from the Xorthumbrian border. Added to all this, the deep-set eyes
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traffic, owing to the state of the country. (See the autlior's

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