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trations. Many excellent ones are original and add greatly to the

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by far the greater number were first employed in countries

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with loose boards or covers to secure from dirt or flies. It

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because more time than usual is taken for the blood to get from the

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ing itself is new, but that it is new as the home of the College of Phar-

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changes in the ovary to justify its removal. I rest for

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that their several excursions from positions of rest^ consequent upon ocnlar moven^nt,

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seem CTeater than it really is. The essential difference between the two

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effect lead to a vitiated activity of the livei^cells and other organs ?

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edition 1809.— 2. Ceelt. Trans. Proi: Med. a^nd Surg. Assoc, vol. viii. pp. 299-312,

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ministrations, and thus during the long years of his general practice

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at one time "burning" hot, while at another totally ab.sent.

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not really been seeking fVom opium results which it is not calculated to effect? All the

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The Arab especially eats mutton, very little beef and no pork

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about the pipe. A modern lady morphinist would put the remnant

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We coiif^ratulate Colonel IIofF ui)on the receipt of this letter and the

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A letter from Mr. Hann to the Hon. Robert Boyle gives

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Autopsy. — Kather thin female. Ko oedema or rigidity. Neck

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Rub these ingredients together in a mortar, and when thor-

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Bheumatoid arthritis and Still's disease^ characterized by uniform

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Mechanical pleurisies, such as occur in cardiac cases or in

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from the pen of A. S. Copeman, who was formerly associated

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