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years since, which, we believe, has found favor with the profession, and that

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cession the various subjects whose headings have been enumerated in the

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alteration in the amount of the endogenous purine excretion, but a rep-

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Clarendon), Boston. The usual arrangements have been made

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the editor has carefully maintained the general plan and character of t^e book Complete

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example of a very limited local irritation, propagated by sympathy

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domen, particular care being taken to avoid a ftrong

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proportional to the concentration of the enzyme and of the substrate

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usuall}^ having a four-parted calyx, four stamens with verj' short

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& Northwestern Railway Co. will also give a ticket

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parent to all, and at the same time the pulse improved, and the skin

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to a paper on this subject, but at present it will suffice to

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this variability of the effect, that is, function seemed to be favored

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Place the fly on the tent, cross the two free guys, and tie them so that

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the inferior, show a peculiar constriction foimed by

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is there some basic underlying excitation to account for the irritable

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lowing record taken from our last day's experiment-

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Boston City Hospital. A generalization of these re-

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symptoms, with the result of the post-mortem examination and of

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tin under formation of highly ionizable metal gelatinates {e.g. so-

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second or third day pimples are seen on the inside of the

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of puberty, for until this is sufficiently developed to perform the men-

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but this is a dangerous compound for such a purpose.

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Cretinism. — John Thomson, M.D., F.R.C.P.E., Extra Physician, Royal Hospital for

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