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The paper is of a much better quality and the colour pliotographs are

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scientifically conducted, but by cases in which the deductions are most fully borne

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people are congregated together, as in barracks and workhouses

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met with two instances of persons of disordered mind, the one

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verted into diphtheritic organisms, under certain conditions ;

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I think, however, it is not often that this can be done in the

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state of stabile myosis ; there was obscuration of intelli-

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" blackwater " fever, even on the West Coast of Africa. Thus, in a

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the method is unreliable. Dr. Goodell and he accord

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(2) The resins of the styrax benzoicum and also a variety of

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lantic." Space will not permit a full synopsis of the opinions and ar-

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secured to insure adequate preparation for graduate study and to

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the anterior. Like the other humors of the eye, it is enveloped

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subject to epistaxis, all have glandular enlargement and more or less

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Dr. W. S. Searle, A. M., M. D., says of Coca, "In relation to a New Form of Nervous Disease" :

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should never be given. Tincture of aconite in one minim doses (formula

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21ie amount of saliva secreted during the day varies, on an average

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the chief surgeon, or when moving commands passing near a post

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Agricultural Department in its relation to Veterinary State

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Again about the 4th of last November I was called to visit

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the condition may be described as palpitation. The definition of palpitation

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it, the way to give our children good teeth is to bring them up

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