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X, absorbed with kidney tissue as described. There followed a severe reaction,

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artificial respiration for about a minute. {British Medical Jour-

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the bone or structures round it, according to the part chiefly affected.

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us to a discussion of another variety of lymphopathy. " Lympho-

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be anemometer and the wind-vane. It is 70 feet high,

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nia, "Pleuritis" to our inflammation of the pleura. On the con-

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Case 25. — Small Tuberculous Deposit ; Arrest and Complete Re-

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was threatened by a dangerous ulcer : their fear was

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that for two weeks there has been sharp pain in her

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but it has the advantage of being quite free from irritant effects.

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and it is concluded that, while there is a type of disease due to

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new born infants, from congenital non-expansion of the air-cells,

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old. For some years she had had an offensive discharge,

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ulcers, syphilitic erosions, and toothache. The pain disappears in three

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sinuses consecutive to ear disease may be accompanied by optic neuritis.

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the blood would be less satisfactory, on account of the large quantity

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is commonly called, chronic lobular inflammation of the mamma.

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that ammonia is contained in the blood in larger quantities

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invigorating tonic, and safe aperient in all disorders of the digestive organs,

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or bilateral ; introversion of the free edge of the lower

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existino; structures. Its relatioii to inflammation in particular

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Act 11 and 12 Vic, Cap. cvii., of the same j'ear as the

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institutions from without the respective districts) from certain

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