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I directed the mother to feed the child, in addition to
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some distinguish vowels and consonants, and I have had them beat time
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ditions and circumstances, fall far short of health. Medicine, then, is
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must l)e restricted to appropriate designated places.
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Nearly every language has its corresponding work for its own medi-
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has proved possible to raise the temperature to the re-
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It is not every one that believes in prophecy ; but time proves
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the way, while with the right hand he insinuates his bistoury
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by Dr. Haultain ; the Pathological Museum by Sir John Struthers.
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chocolate coloured, and in which they obtained the spectrum of
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re-planning of over twenty cities in the United States. The
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such Strength that one fluid ounce contains the medi-
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moved. Such jjortions, of course, have to be grasped
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meningitis raises the proportion of acquired cases, which with reference to
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183. Nine Cases of Colotomy. Mr. Christopher Heath ' . 193
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N. B. The above IMedlcines are fo particularly prepare^},
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voluntary health agency concerned exclusively with heart
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greatest stress, because later, when we come to open the bowel,
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The dates that the tubers are ready for market and the con-
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has been linked to respiratory problems. 14 ' 17 In one study,
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the patient has been conscious of discharge from the nostril upon

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