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observations already made. For the group which has the best chances

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jected, bat without arail. She died a few minutes after one

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thus, crossed by two vertical lines drawn one in front and

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listener said about Wagner's music, "it may not have

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usuall}^ having a four-parted calyx, four stamens with verj' short

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practice, and when they found that I could cure those

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day, with some mild ointment ; and if this be not sufficient to

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51. Jacob: "Les Oreillons an point de vue 6piil6niioIogiqne et clinique; un cas

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has been foimd intimately adherent to the mucous membrane of the

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teachers to apply extension and counter -extension slowly and uniformly^

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mortality rate in 1918 was three and two-third times that of the Novem-

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in what he has learned, or supposed to have learned, during his con-

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New York eight, Philadelphia two, Boston and Milwaukee one

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months, stands unhesitatingly condemned. If horses' feet

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determined accurately. As soon as the first pulse beats have forced the armlet

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the horse and to the operator. It is applicable to such horses as

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unfavorable for proper isolation. Tha^e unfavorable conditions will be

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human judgment has, at least, but limited control. Cuts and bruises, dis-

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Case VI. — Reported by Cossy. Archives Otn. de Med., 1845, ser. 4.

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Even during the continuance of the sweating, but especially

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worm an ell and a half in length -, fo that it feems

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from traumatic rupture of the rectum ; a second was a gaseous phlegmon of

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larity in front in such cases produces a congestion of the cor-

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and after three or four days from their first appearance

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out of function, whereas in influenzal infection, dyspnea and cyanosis

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old enough I prescribe plain sterilized water, cold, two to six

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a recent case. If we bear in mind the fact that we have in these cases

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adult, applied just in front of the tragus, often subdue the pain when

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Dr. J. P. Thomas, of Hopkinsville, Ky., says : For ten years I

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tabulated the statistics of his clinic, and a portion of

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tial resection of the knee-joint, the joint resection

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publications, or periodical journals, or on application from those requiring

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that we have a congenital neurasthenic condition to

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as those between mosculai fibres, or in Ibe meshes ufaicoUr liune, — sod tbs

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son, lying in bed,,Mawe's instrument, or one on the

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Subscription Price, Two dollars per annum m advance

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most easily understood by observing abnormalities in the ordinary or

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But let us now be inspired by a still more public-spirited

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to be dealt with by moral and material agents, according to the needs of each."

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