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H. Moe, first vice president ; Dr. Ernest R. Anderson,

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strapped in. [It has a substantial top provided with curtains and a hood,

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the result of faulty development. The irreducible uterus

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^^ diftreni proportions^'' and I can offer no better example

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antigens) an amply sufficient margin of safety, and gives far more

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described in Hospital Management, December, 1918. The pioneer in-

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' I was once an aristocrat, then a democrat, now I am

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■ inll account has already been given; hut they may again be

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be flexed. Knee-jerk -^-j- ; no ankle clonus. Expres-

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NEILL, M. D., Demonstrator of Anatomy in the University of Pennsylvania, Surgeon to the

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appeared. The next day incessant masticating movements of

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is produced by vaccination in the monkey appears between the sixth and

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vations on this affection, by Mr. Jonathan HutchixXson, with the narration of

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worms which may chance to be introduced into the body. One

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on me. It is impossible that I can live out this day.

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can not make it any stronger, as the water will not dissolve any more of the ingredi-

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with lateral bend, here again the region of greatest adaptability. Once

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or partially in the soft protoplasm of their amoeboid bodiea

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flDperfluous, which appears to me the better alternative. For

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of a stylet with it, and apparently also of a guide

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Institutions), whilst Naval and Military patients treated by understanding

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and graphic schemes of the mechanism of speech, and have thus been

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Only a small number of cattle are shipped on each steamer on account of the

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Masson (Collected Papers of the Mayo Clinic, Vol. X, p. 997 et seq.)

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organs suffer through the effects of inebriety, and the villanous con-

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tinuing this operation indefinitely until death occurs. When the

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in chickenpox. The histology of the skin lesions is different, chickenpox

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ral artery. There was but little hemorrhage. The limb

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into existence in the towns, forming trades unions with very stringent regulations.

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tion and pulse diminished in frequency, night-sweats and fever disap-

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nd often harbors an umbilical hernia. A large proportion

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for eight or ten hours of each day to those who come into

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quarter in breadth, the bone, on either side of the circular wound, was irregu-

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could be undertaken without apparent evil after-effects ; that the restorative

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thus allowing the heel to clear the bottom board. Mortice holes were

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taken by the commanding officer to have tlie rubbish removed by

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as Cocaus* (and also cases of my own) strongly argue

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that it is not necessary to remove any clothing from the patient

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is not applicable in the case of animals where this attribute as an

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