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Dr. Benjamin Rush, of the same period, also declared that

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odor of sweet originality, but instead of that I en-

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mare communicates the principal of life. This is considered to

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inches deep on July 16th, when fully headed. The straw

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tion with this, in guarding against tuberculosis, one must aim

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dropsy, weakness of the pulse, and night-sweats towards the ter-

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chronic condition in which the normal growth of the child may lead to a

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efibrts which nature makes to throw off disease, and

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a flood of light upon its treatment. As regards the use of drugs, every

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food, milk, and the farinaceous articles. These are

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the destructive processes going on in the lungs have

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finger, the greater part of the cavity was felt to be encrusted

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"Department veterinarian Pauli reports* that 12,585 kilo-

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great as that in children. Some adults are unfit for business from general

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lem of Production— of efficient and abundant production. This

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more of the children have suffered similarly, and one or more from

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carried off by death that one could not even be sure of

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A toast ... to the end of Microbiology!!! Instructor Lynda Britton and students Vincent,

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was designed to show that tbe periosteum had nothing to do

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muscular contractions, which are repeated without the slightest rhythm,

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of this advance lies in the man, lies there often hidden

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ances, calibration of amperemeters and voltmeters, calcula-

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but this is a dangerous compound for such a purpose.

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Ewing 13 points out that a persistent thymus may often be the under-

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