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attention at each course. This is partly because the school has to depend a good

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The principles of asepsis and drainage as applied to the operation, are

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Infected clothing and bedding should be disinfected by steam, Or

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tical modifications, such as strips of thick linou in-

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productive of larger, more uniform, speedy, and accurate

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doned. Silk thread, on account of its great tenacity and even size,

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tal as well as physical shock, it is a benefit to the surgeon, in that his moral

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of a miniature yellow fever commence, and all the pathologi-

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remained for two hours, during which the patient was

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many, but for the individual with the disease, hospitals, physicians and nurses

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were millions of men who would have given all they possessed

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lieves, conditions present to induce thrombosis and gangrene in

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declined, the joint swellings slowly disappeared, and in a few

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tion of the stomach and transverse colon in different individuals,

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Orig. Memb. Weber, HEBifAinr, M.D., Physician to the Gbrtnan

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of life than the bacteria there lie important and much neglected fields for

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recurrences — it may be at intervals of a year or more — some other signs of

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and if the remainder is uneven it will bs a boy ; if even,

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faeces that came away were always dry and hard. She had con-

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cient, we should bear in mind the rule, that the earlier the

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often extremely effective in producing that opening of the little blood-

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under case No. 29. See page 957. {Dipiococcus pnen-

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ties. Of the 29 horses sick of the disease, 28 have died. Of the

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glairy character, becoming bland and less tenacious, and the par-

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ed to take many sorts of pills, salts and mineral waters.

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Masson (Collected Papers of the Mayo Clinic, Vol. X, p. 997 et seq.)

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