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excellent illustrations of this fact if you note the gait of these
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drawn into place and should be left in the bladder after the urethra
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joints shift suddenly to heart; numbness of left arm; heart in-
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tiresome feat; but to carry the head where nature placed it, is a dif-
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themselves within the limits prescribed by their preface. We find
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stove, where it becomes highly heated, and is discharged
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pitals at Paris, a woman ivas laid upon the table for
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and in another case of a twenty-four-year-old girl the
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they are subject to a more arbitrary exertion of power than the con-
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ture of a vessel ; and the catamenial blood is poured into the cavity
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solely on the integument. It is often internal, and
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animal proteins. Mull-Soy is a biologically complete
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ataxia, hemiathetosis, or hemianesthesia. But these latter condi-
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other on December 26, 1883. Both of these ladies are now
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which it designates, and therefore requiring the complementary
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Garrod, who has had such an extensive experience in gout,
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accouchement, on awakening in the morning, the whole
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of the foot, however, comprise two separate halves, the
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Strain V. From a similar case as that of Strain IV. Uterus contained a foul
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cous coat, which lines it. This coat is supposed to furnish by its glands
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one point could be discovered from which the blood came,
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volume, the writer considers temperamental adaptation essential to happi-

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