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surprising to find that chemical substances and the energy
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The dressing rooms on the "prompt" side are three in
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the value of our art to the country at large, a recognition not
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dried and passed through the flame ; by this method the
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the last meeting of the Council, I umst mention the action
Professor Goldstein went on to say the chief remedies of the
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it I got to know several facts which were previously unknown
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pneumonia in childhood was often ushered in by either
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on the Medical Council. There are at present four candidates,
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15th it was again aspirated, 17 ounces of pus drawn off, and I
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the fact. He intended shortly to urge upon the Board of
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had the opportunity of repeating these observations, and I found that
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or sterility found in this Papyrus, which has a pretty close
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he could not conceive that the public had a more important
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over the suspected area the breathing was slightly more dis-
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codeine line of treatment he greatly improved until stiyclinme was added
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changing the air except the doorway, and a defective wooden
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criminately circulating introductions, and the demands upon
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effects by the chemical processes into which they can enter
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wards, its cervix, lacerated and cushiony, lying behind the
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rate of mortality in these towns, which had been 23 i and 22 per
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invaccination of leprosy. My contention always has been,
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mutiny, including the actions at Cawnpore, captuie of Li.cknow and
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sents a collection of clinical lectures which has been edited,
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At a recfint conference of the Waterworks Committee, the medical profes-
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bowe's and bladder emptied, ether was administered by Dr. Brown
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Honorary Secretary should distribute them among the mem
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and the proprietress refused to allow the clothing to be takpn away for
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ternal to the spine of the ilium. It was very hard and fixed but not
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recorded in which considerable portions of brain substance
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diffusion, it is maintained that the disease would die out
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there was a basic empyema, and practically no evidence
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provided with lavatory accommodation for both first and
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IK thirty-three of the laigest English towns, including London, 6,44.5
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cations to the Chairman of the Medical Board by June lith.

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