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months to two years. In horses swelling of the sheath
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and both active and passive flexion of the hip-joint.
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least the patient may be brought to a condition of great emacia-
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were appointed to escort the newly elected President to the rostrum.
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by digitalis and remedies of that class. As an adjunct to
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occur, in which case serious results may follow both to the man
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times requires a little care. The iris must not be suddenly pulled
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that he might reduce it himself later. On the morning of the third day
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It is evident that seaport towns and large aggregations of
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March 6th. — Anterior surface of thorax and abdo-
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tions which indicate the escape of the uterus from the pelvic region
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more stiff, and sometimes also the chest rigid and the jaws closed, re-
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Therefore we might prescribe it (hypodermically, of course)
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certain temperaments and conditions are afflicted with involuntary emis-
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Sectional Secretary— F. C. Purser, M.D., F.E.C.P.I.
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the common symptoms of chill, fever and local pain were
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had lodged in the organ, and acted as a source of irritation. In
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expelling a foreign body would be greater without operation, but the
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the intestine is increased, such increase being an invariable accom-
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The blood plates show a marked tendency to undergo dissolu-
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been in operation from the creation of our Xavy if our medical offi-
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calierl upon by the toastmaslcr, Dr. S. Stewart. Al a late hour
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Thus far no injury from this disease has been reported
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session, substituting this program for their own annual
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4. The preparation of carbazotate of ammonia is not a dangerous one.
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ficial Patients having irritable colon who believe they
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HcBinorrhage. — This is best avoided by a restricted diet. This
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Adhvarye. Standing (L-R): Corine Bowman, Donna Ross, Grace Schultze,
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quate executive machinery to enable health officers to act effectively.

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