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where. Large cities provide special isolation hospitals for this
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according as one or the other may seem to be required.
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blood, and the liver likewise; engorged! The stomach
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cellular tissue of the mediastinum, and, subsequently, into that
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are indeed more numerous than one would at first suppose.
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off from the circulation, and sufficient general stimulus is
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79. Antony: Soc. Med. des Hop. de Paris, 189i, January 19, p. 35.
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with each repast. After large doses and prolonged use of enterol the
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as it ought to be and might be, he must entirely remodel it for a future edition. There
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time, when a man is even againft his will, forced to
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should be viewed with suspicion. It has been my experience that
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Stein, S. H. I aUmsst Inauced by vibrations of tuning-forks, 413.
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inducing and maintaining anesthesia are the same, and the accepted
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3:30 p. m. — With the consent of the family, Dr. W. P.
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in carbolized oil — one-sixteenth oil; swab out once a day, and at each
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feeds is ineffective in the glandular portion of the
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elapsed while I was waiting for the train. Beyond the
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selves. We have a bad cold, our very cough sometimes says to others,
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It is therefore the third sort of labour which I call unnatu-
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gone a similar operation, he replied he would definitely
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* Jotirnal of the Royal Agricnltural Society, vol. ix., part i.,
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than that it is so. Law may define the ethical position as regards the act,
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At a fairly early stage the nucleus of the microgametocyte has divided and
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there can be no accurate understanding of the diseases
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was passed at the recent session of Parliament, it is provided that the
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should represent what is actually read to the section.
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especially of their training in medicine and in sur-
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hour, or between forty and fifty pounds per day. This
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palliative is of doubtful benefit — are not dangerous to life, that
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respect to every vehicle belonging to the British army, and influ-

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