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ministration of medicine, which will be more certain and

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poetic organs. The diaphragm is thin, flabby, shrivelled, and

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been fortunate enough to be able to verify fully the truth of"the law

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the medium in which the affection is developed ; this is not contagion but in-

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Abdominal organs. — Liver weighed 1485 grms. ; spleen, IGOgrms. ;

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violence and frequency. The author cautions against the

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The fermentation test of Schmidt 4 is useful, though seldom

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Report of the New York County Medical Association 361

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Continuing Medical Education, California Medical Association, PO

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ft should never be allowed to become wet, musty or foul,

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Examination of the Internal Ear." In addition we shall have

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hemorrhages from the bladder after the introduction of sounds,

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' Read at the Forty-firct ADnaal Meeting of the Britiah Medioal Aasooiation.

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some feculent matter passes when she has a motion. This is the last

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A lecturer with pictures can give an enlightened talk and mul-

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saturated. A vaginal examination was made, when the

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Also would be excellent Internal Medicine Practice.

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where the artery bleeds and not above, in the continuity of the

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deserves to attract the careful attention of all ophthalmologists; and

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enteric fever as an affection which derived its peculiar symptoms mainly from

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tightly that it has itself almost performed the amputation — the

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follows fits. If so, it will soon be broken by the restlessness which pre-

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better and look about by rolling the eyes without moving the head, but its

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(iii) Tabes, General Paralysis and Cerebral Syphilis . . 65

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slight and overlooked. Even with diseases of acknowledged contagiousness

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early enough to give the best chance for recovery. The problem given us is

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in this brooding grief the demands are constant, while the

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tum fuerit, turbidum vel immundum, quod tibi accidere potent

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employment in patients much reduced from hemorrhage, cachexia, infec-

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Eegularity in the hours of meals is a point of no inconsiderable

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(nine cases) ; and e, with very intense power, exceeding 1 to 5,000 (three

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the point of attack is discovered in an old aortitis, interstitial glossitis,

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the first edition of this book. ISTevertheless, we cannot but believe that

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not be connected with any drain, but discharge as directed for

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