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give rise to polyuria, especially syphilis and tuberculosis. (4) Intoxications.

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Parkes Weber reports a case of chronic myeloid leukaemia in a man

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second and sixth day after infection were without exception saved from

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Alkaloidsalzen und einigen anderen organischen Elektrolyten. [Electric rest

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Attention has been especially directed to the forms of response excited

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Marie, P., et Bouttieb, H. Traitement des myoclonies et specialement des

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in the home hospital was a second attack of relapsing fever. Such cases

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of increase because the rate of increase varied as much in other

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color appears. The color of the solution is of extreme importance.

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largely determine the volume and rate of flow of blood within

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fact that in an irritating lesion of the stomach, such as an ulcer,

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Rehberg. Beitrag zur Frage der Typhus-Sepsis. Berl. klin. Wchnschr., 1921,

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minutes of the appearances, who has kindly furnished the follow-

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tuberculosis, the pulmonary and circulatory impediment develop

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of every measure that might be empirically recommended. The

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and tenderness were caused by the tooth while it remained

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in the maintenance of postural tonus, that is, the proprioceptive non-sensory

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ourselves having examined them with the fluoroscope, usually in

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added to agar. In this way a transparent serum-agar was obtained. Wang

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new Remedies, &c. &c. By Robley Dunglison, F. R. S. Translated from the

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lymphatic (hainage from the compressed lung probably has nmch to do

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The author finds the normal figures to vary between 326,000 and 217,000,

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tion of visual acuity was the first thing which induced the patient to seek

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presented, externally, remarkable alteration of form, tapering

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as far back on the lateral aspects of the limb as possible ; the apex of the

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nausea and vomiting are irregularly present, and pain is relieved after

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the arteries for storage in the muscles. Under others, sugar will be trans-

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In some methods this difficulty is met by keeping the extract for

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the bounds even of the wide grouping adopted by Frank.

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timate object of a fee table was never to enforce payment. Its

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with irritation of the parietal pleura, reflex phenomena, even to the pro-

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to be merely suffering from chronic bronchitis and emphysema. In all cases

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Bondi. Mitt. d. Gesellschr. f. inn. Med. u. Kindc-heil., 1909, viii, 87.

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Two cats which received two intoxicating doses of egg-white

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about 10 weeks after an intra-ocular and intratesticular injection of spiro-

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siderable in amount, and they must do this at all seasons of the

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As the result of an inquiry into the prevalence of epidemic encephalo-

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edly. He has never had rheumatic fever or polyarthritis of any kind.

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coarse rales confined entirely to the left lower lobe could still be

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into dogs and the effects on the blood-pressure studied.

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