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diffuse into the egg. In a stronger ethylamine solution, e.g., M 200,
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body, laboring perhaps under some taint of former troubles,
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exist between the Ontario Medical Association, the local societies,
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with arsenic were of no value in diagnosing it from that affection.
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One patient (Case 14, Hosp. No. 2593) gave a negative blood cul-
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tive, operation in surgery. If it is demanded in the various
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Dr Tohn Struthers, Nqatnakwe, Transkei, South Africa,
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a second dose starting with 0.2 gm. of the same drug and increasing
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the Centennial Exhibition, at a cost to the State of $3,000, and
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favorably with those of hospitals where the bathing system is
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at birth. It would seem probable that it was in delivery, or during
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Sig. Dessert-spoonful in hot water every hour or two.
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hardly expect sound, refreshing sleep. The cause must be removed to
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up the interval between the soft skin bandage and the
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to rigidify and regulate it. Libraries can teach us all a
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practice Dr. Maclean wishes to introduce. The great characteristic of per-
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are of the opinion that perfect soundness cannot be restored in
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piece, extremely liable to be loft, or thrown afide, and therefore
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and thoroughness with which first aid is rendered. This first aid
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inflammatory or developmental, and inflammatory. The
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logical relations of the blood to the solid parts being so intimate,
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education as a means of character-building is declared by Hezekiah
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brane of the cervical canal, and repair the anterior
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charged with contempt, we object to the finding of our Kansas
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ping necessary at short intervals, and he left the hospital to die, hav-
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of the ulnar nerre. The rieht arm was but little better at
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