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With this light it is easy to understand how a reduction of the hydro-

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self in a peculiar conformation of the eye, and parts in the vicinity

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continues until the bladder becomes sufficiently dis-

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the wooden pegs protruding through the soles of the shoe, by the neglect of the maker to rasp them

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pregnant; such are increased docility; a tendency to fat-

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morbid effects produced upon the general constitution, and upon

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simply teaches us that the bleedings in this particular instance were due neither to

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great teacher, Laennec, that tuberculosis was a constitu-

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place on the primary alcohoHc group. When any of the secondary

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he believed in the disease being disseminated by atmospheric

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business of collecting — and principally for doc-

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it was from it she now suffered entirely ; when the right side of the

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of the treatment, justify the employment of inhalation of oxygenated essences

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sputa are due to the large amount of mucine contained in them.

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which, if properly done, will never become infected, and

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coccic pleurisy presents a histological formula which can scarcely

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or further apart as desired, and with a little practice excel-

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petrous) from which the infection has arisen. Cerebellar abscess is twice

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the period {D), Figs. 2 and 3 in the left ventricular apex tracings, I

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The book is a most valuable adjunct to the ordinary text-books

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and at least eighty-five per cent of all cases, and that in

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arches of the palate; but, instead, an apron extending directly

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bowel were removed, and the ends united by 82 interrupted

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at the upper joint^and set the next, which was broken.

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electricity had very little effect, and though the fits ceased as

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arteritis, but a number remain where the exact condition cannot be sub-

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can births, which were 1,818, and we have 7,639 remaining

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pressure == intracranial pressure. Therefore, the corneo-

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arguments which militated against the conception of the structure

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of American Physicians, 454, 479, 498; Boston Society for Medical

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vaccinated will resist smallpox where a healthy unvacci-

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and transitory, occurring in one limb only (side opposite to injury) ;

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Dear Sir. — This is a very large division comprising the

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