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number of sufferers from their use than from all other sources, and Dr.
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In this paper I propose to consider exclusively the latter
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throat are to be made, to see, first, if the instrument
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Popielski, L.: Arch. f. d. ges. Physiol., 1901, Ixxxvi, 215.
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to conceive that herein may lie the key to the transitory aphasias, the
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fore not responsible ; accordingly she demanded the
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scars which are the result of fissures about the month and marked
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destruction of active faculty amounting to actual de-
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are to be passed, which, in spite of our best care,
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of the greater susceptibility of their constitutions, the patient is destroyed long
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uterus and bladder. After the first tapping a painful tense swelling of
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possess in the hands of an experienced operator, 1 feel confident
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beyond twelve hours ; but before this occurs the eruption may undergo
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look to the condition of the bladder, and, if necessary, use the catheter, and
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viously entertained. I have followed with great interest the work of Pro-
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pectant requires of him the most delicate attention, conscien-
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cal Association was held at Cincinnati, on the 18th, 19th and
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and the patient's stomach and idiosyncrasy must be considered.
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womb, or to render it more eafy to change the difadvan-
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any marked part in the pathogenesis of asthma, and the same
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completely surrounded by a perfectly organised membrane. '' I con-
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hours, owing to the severe constitutional disturbance set up. Polyuria,
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must be made, causing great delay, enhancing the patient's
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Histology and Embryology in the University of Pennsylvania.
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and treatment could a favorable prognosis be ventured.
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substituted for the complete removal of the eye. Secondly, in
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stage of reaction with rise of temperature. Her urine was
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(Kussmaul's variety), but there are two rare sub- varieties. (1) The alcoholic
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