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eat nothing else if he can obtain as much as he wishes.

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half a fluid drachm ; glycerine, three and a half fluid drachms. Sig. —

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his constant study, made casts of her head, and urged that surgical meas-

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certain limits the absorbing power of the peritonaeal surface is

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that the blow was struck immediately before death, while a play of colours round

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presiding officer seem to have become insignificant

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received here from W. S. Dodd, A.R.C., doctor working at Mejdel in this

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consequent on the passage of urinary calculi through the parts

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bandage, which used to be issued to us in the army, and I

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suggest a cure. He found that no less than 78 boys were guilty of the practice, or a propor-

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of true ammonifemia. They assume that the ammonia from the

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charging the matter, if the wound should appear rotten

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It is possible to test further the hypothesis outlined in this paper

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rarely from paralysis of the heart, or during a sudden asthmatic

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the Medicaid program in the future. The basic changes for

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remedies used in the various forms of headache. Certainly an

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ing of the parts : bcfides the extremities of the pin-

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more diluted witli serum ; hence it is necessary tlint

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A trained observer may be able to draw his inferences more or less

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lower part of the sac was allowed to remain, forming a

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Section 1. The Association shall hold regiilar meetings, one in each

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than any other ; and as it fcarce admits of a cure, it

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enable the men to be properly instructed in the duties of bearers,

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iris was adherent to the lens, which was cataractous, and there

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