What Is Spironolactone Medication Used For

part assigned to it was unphysiological ; and cases were obsenred in
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his mouth. In this condition he continued for several weeks, and was
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object of our treatment. Each individual case should be specially
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1862-1868, in the University of Berlin. By Rudolph Vibohow . ib.
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morning 99*8°. Large crepitation was found in both lungs, and
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living body, both immediate and consecutive, are evinced in depression of
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Acceptance for mailing at special rate of postage provided,
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An Essay on the beneficial results of Statistical Inquiries, in their application
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bronchi, and copiously in the air-cells of the lungs. Capillary ecchy-
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children had diarrhoea ; both recovered in a few days. On September
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hands and legs had begun, and had increased ever since. On ad-
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from the evaporation of the mercury of wiiich there is, after its expression in the
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with it appeared enveloped in a thick mist. He also observed a sort of lumi-
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sure on the tubules is the formation of q/sts, which are peculiar
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addition to morphia at night. The strychnia was omitted. The
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under the conjunctiva of the lower eyelid, immediately below the external
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pulsating cancerous and sarcomatous tumours of bone. The

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