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With the conditions of our school buildings such as they are it is
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a young man by the najne of Lfeoell, who was in a very
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P. J. Poynton, R. W. Mitchell, A. Morrison, Florence A. Stoney, and others),
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bowels and expelling unwholesome feculences, together with absence from
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fourth pounds, we will say, of gastric juice to a .011
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relieves the fluxion, stasis, and congestion of the kidney. The
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of the bile, and will operate both as an emeiP and ca-
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The Ninth Session of the Australasian Medical Congress will be
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covery was incomplete. Blindness from post-neuritie
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feraitly named eruptions which he believes to be identical in essence, and
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observe a one-sided bearing, undue elevation of a shoulder, or prominence
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proprietor of draft horfes is, that injurious prac-
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reached a point about three inches above the site of frac-
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From scarlet fever, Brooklyn six, Somervil'e and Chelsea two
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brain and was leeched. Was ill four weeks. Paralysis
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the subcutaneous bleeding; this can be done by very hot or very cold
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oxide may cause not only unpleasant but very serious symptoms ; and
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number of persons bitten and vaccinated is 306, out of
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nuncial neurons of the involuntary system, like those of the voluntary,
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nothing wrong in bathing and dressing the child. On the
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frequent with twin than with single pregnancies. According to Bartels,
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the course of the artery from the armpit to the fore-
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toward the project. They said : " This does not seem
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out of its mandates. This spirit of grace decorates the
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to a few years — with a history of alternating constipation and diarrhea,

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