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of expressing his opinions in her favor ; under still greater obli-
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Dr. Porter says, "empyema should be treated like any
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auricles of the ears. From them sodium urate crystals were obtained. The
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ankle clonus; plantar reflex normal; no difference in mus-
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deemed a severe restriction when the people are not alloAved water for
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by A. I'. Perry, M.D. The discussion will be opened by Dr. F.
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1321, Mundinus published a book on Anatomy. This work is
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Purely informational reports not covered by the above will
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but the acute cases, accompanied by considerable effusion, are of
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Meigs, and others in this country, to find " authority " for the
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the enteroptosis, while in appendicitis it is rigid, no matter how
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a curiosity to us as it is to them. The card, as given in the
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falls to the ground, and finally dies. The disease may terminate
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The Council, through the public health committee, requested members
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(4) Hemiachromatopsia is not necessarily of central
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others in many parts of the globe, he was of opinion " that by a
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under being three times more fatal than 25 to 29 ; whilst the first and
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four to six centimetres deep in the case of an adult. He asserts that
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Case 6. — Mrs. S was taken on the night of the forty-second
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University Campus, September 16, 1894 (No. 1137); noted
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tached and the specimen treated similarly to lesions of soft tissues
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tory of the Johns Hopkins University, Donaldson, F., .".'-►i; the
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" itfelf every way s :" Men {killed in midwifery have
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