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below the nasal chambers, and at the anterior extremity of the
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in which tlu» patient seems like one talking in their sleep, from
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albuminous urine of high specific gravity, so long as the tension
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Right. — Dr. Olsho's modified chart for use with McHardy's registering perimeter.
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as to the consequences of distension of the bowels by
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Present Condition of Public health Organization in the United States, by Prof. S. M.
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unable to multiply except in the animal body. All the
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at the present time possess the translations of these
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of closer commercial relations among nations ; and all these
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witnessed — she presented a most robust appearance, was
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central portion of New York State had been tested by him with tuber-
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1, susceptible animals must be imported under careful re-
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common therapeutic measures, such as bed rest, pneu-
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dium. It finally penetrated the muscular wall of the
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Members of those four groups may unite with one another, and so
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each. From cerebro-spinal meningitis, New York, Philadel-
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which was cut, does not flrengthen and retain it, is
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real causes of many mysterious deaths amongst them.
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even the smallest part of the point of the finest needle which had
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The following committees were appointed for the annual meeting :
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ance to passive movements. Five ribs, from the fifth to the ninth in-
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"Certain facts connected with the special hygiene of this disease
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bleeding time 4 minutes, on April 3. Prothrombin time
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Thus the aviators meet him on the flying field, at mess, in quarters,
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contained from 10 to loo-million plague bacilli |x:r ex., less than 10
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womb after delivery anfwer this end, that the vefTels
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parts with strong hot salt water, or use the Dexter lini-
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absence of the knee-jerks in tumours of the cerebellum was of diagnostic

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