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cells. Pepper and Peet,^^ however, were unable to find any abnormal

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anything materially new. Priestley made his discoveries with a very

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apparently free from static disease. In this opinion Dr. Beevor coincides,

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time, and cyanosis of the face has indicated the accumulation of

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contained in the blood serum, upon the quantity of nitrogenous

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available. Under .such circumstances we can deal willi tlie

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spector should prosecute the most rigid inquiry, inspecting

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Win. H. Wescott, M. D., of this city, said: " That brush has cured my rheumatism." He had previously

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A. P. Cary, 64 Beacon Street, Boston, on Tuesdays, from

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the disease are advanced, of which we present here a brief resume. The

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investigated it. There are two conditions resulting

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bitters, arsenic, hydrotherapy, and sea-water baths, I obtain equally

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primal cause of asthma was not confined to any spe-

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has been preserved between glasses or in | officers of hospitals value greatly the oppor-

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morphine for postoperative analgesia. J Pediatr 1991, 1 18:460-466

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lessor in one of the Philadelphia medical colleges.

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truck. He was unconscious for three days. Thereafter his mind was clear,

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sterilizer for one hour was drawn on the disinfected hand,

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blessing, which enhances his value and importance to his patients,

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the contract recently entered into between the directors of the Home and the

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Cephalin Fraction. — The point of interest in connection with this

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in that great city confined themselves to it exclu-

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