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was very small, and the thinned lips of the os were closely applied to the

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fatal, a mortality of 33.4 per cent. This gain seems

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chemins, maux de teste, mal-caduque, fi^vres, sorcellerie,

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known endemic areas or have had sexual contact with

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of urine. In the former the urine is retained in the bladder,

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neighbor to watch her, but on the second night she got

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In 188(5 J. Poels described an infectious disease among calves which

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and the gradual growth of the organism within the corpuscle. At the

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first the clinical results of a method of asepsis which

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all these processes in combination. It is not only certain ingredients

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steel point into the bone, to act as a lever to turn out

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was found, in every case, to have retained its alkaline reaction and to

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the ones most common nowadays are, clamp, torsion, ligature, actual

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sion of the knee-joint, these symptoms had followed

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PerctzLavie for his thoughts; and the staff members of the Depart-

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furnished by these supplementary sources, either because the

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to operations for the cure of haemorrhoids ; but seeing that what-

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the vitreous as other antiseptics do, it does not cause pain, and it

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generally are agreed that there are two points which are especially

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squadron being now ordered to sea, the health of the men was con-

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firmly connected with the pancreas. A large portion of the latter organ

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The following table shows for each of the average typhoidin quotient

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a ' penetrating wound without injury to lung,' and was adduced to prove

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osmosis, it, is invariably ol definite and uniform therapeutic strength, and hence can be depended upon in

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This is the weariness resulting from muscular or functional

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the diagnostic significance of the reaction during a febrile infection. It is

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88. Higashida RT, Halbach VV, Tsai FY, et al: Interventional neurovascular treat-

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