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those who drank the milk was struck down by Malta fever. Another
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gents, whivh are known lo eSect this, should be the moHt useful of all
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but increase the danger of its use, as by the latter method we
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The existence of extreme debility is not always a contra-indi-
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The findings in such cases deserve consideration with those of Experiment 2
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ascribed to cerebral hypersemia which should be placed at the door
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perfectly restored health. Al)Out this time a discoloured spot,
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proportion of cases, excessive nervous prostration or faint-
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where wounded. Mr. Owen has been most successful by this
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diseases, 375 ; with tuberculosis, 375 ; with heart
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shall report some unpublished cases from the records of Prof. Halten-
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fection of the blood with pus or putrid animal fluids;
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inspection is not desired, at great expense to ourselves, and at the
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retained practically no food; the considerable amounts of nitrogen
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tion caused by lithiasis, masturbation, or urethral laceration
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necessary to pass a catheter twice daily, withdrawing rather
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of this disease : for it is endemic in tropical countries,
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he sends them back, after a thorouen examination, with
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Delegates to State Medical Society of New Jersey .'—Dn.
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antisepticism will be attended with doubtful results.
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symptoms can only be expected when the abscess is in
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involvement of two or three regions, far apart from each
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pulse ; but in confluent cases the breathing is often shallow, laboured, and
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signs of an excess of strength to be combated by weakening
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For if the patients could not breathe through their

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