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in a more suitable environment upon its neighboring cells in an unsuit-

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cx]ierimeiits with lilood transfusions yielded results that are any more

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the forenoon and was killed by a blacksmith, whose dogs he viciously

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Wm. H. Andrews, Chipped Beef, Chicago, 111., Factory No. 1. The meat in this can

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comparison, no general inoculation tests having l)een made with this variety.

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atmosphere as possible for the visually handicapped

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tained " tag to it, he orders the butchers, before they proceed to

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The plasma-clots undergo contraction with the formation of sheets of

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111.- pi,..ii.'i.iit sfiisiiliniis visinii, li.iiriiiir. etc.- arc

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atrophied or dilated, and lined with a low cubical epithelium. They may

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Case 7. H. D. W., aged 15, reported to the clinic with

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nlso eonforms well with all tbe other faets wbieh we know resardms

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and that he felt the Committee should ask for funds

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in the animal liody, indeed in the same (Huaii, e.i:.. the liver; and it is

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Results of the Present Compilation. — ^By taking advantage of all

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is hoped that a detailed statement of the results obtained may be

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embalmed for the past three years, and it has had a similarly good

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ings. The Committee feels that there is not a sufficient

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tation into tlio sulieulanemis tissm' of a tetany patient of paratliyroid

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One method is adapted to the smaller abattoirs, where the number of hogs killed per hour

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the Council go on record as opposed to any abuses in

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shipped to Great Britain except 7,981 cattle and 77 horses to Belgium,

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described above, but in other cases the production value, has been

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" each for all and ail for each " — in proportion to the number of hogs they have

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A careful tabulation of all cases available shows that the utmost

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disc will swell and this bulge vrill become less marked. If, on the other

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from bovine tubercle bacilli. Neither would the lesions produced

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The results of the autopsy performed on the body of

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