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thus, crossed by two vertical lines drawn one in front and
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Journal of the Minnesota State Medical Association, Southern Minnesota Medical Association, Northern Minnesota
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through the stomach, and can then work harmfully on
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Treatment. If the disease be discovered within forty-
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be as short as four days. The infectiousness of the complaint begins with
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time afterwards, however, he was discovered dead in a little shed
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backs of the hands, and back and dorsum of foot, are round and hard,
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until the next war or hunting excursion. His true enjoyment is in those
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hours, so that it was impossible to keep any order. People would
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Fellows' Syrup of Hypophosphites is peculiar to itself. Many
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*FRANCIS, Tappan E., Davis Ave., Brookline (Tele. Boston
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ments, by placing the ball of the first finger of my right hand on my
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2. An appliance by which the current may be gradually and
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his dogs. Perhaps no man busily engaged in professional
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vomiting had continued for succeeding twelve hours. Menses normal,
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chain was followed inwards along the axillary and subclavian vessels,
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The third edition of this splendid work called for at such a brief interval
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Camphor. — Use. — Camphor is a slight stimulant, fol-
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an attack of pneumonia. Further, that exposure to cold, draughts, or any
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As the title implies, this work deals not only with medical matters
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Davis & Co., is the only preparation of the drug we have met,
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the stomach, but, as a rule, there is a deficiency,
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arranged in a degenerating series at different distances below it, but
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attack for a year and a half. June 17th, he strained
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with the Faculty by which he engaged to run that department
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use before resorting to larger operations. He was glad that
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in diseases of women, particularly in endometritis, cervical erosions, vul-

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