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cases to him. He had several times known the excessive use of " bromo-
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val be extended to three or four months, it is found that
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tive medicines are popularly, and perhaps correctly, esteemed
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P<4nt and Fort Leavenworth, as detailed under each post respectively.
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effective. He repeated Flugge's experiments, and on
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brought into action, (some thirty years ago,) by Morrow,
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public was not drawn to the Acid Phosphate until 1877. Pre-
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even then it is oflen a negative rather than any positive
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Dr, John B, Eoberts now has charge of the Philadelphia
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hands of the priest; perhaps from the idea that disease is
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It is a paper in every sense worthy of the man, and places him
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for membership all persons in the county who are offi-
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These latter may be perceived even by the naked eye in the forms of black and
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faces, viz., both shoulders ; during movement it is resting
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Naunvn, Heubner, Rumpf, Gowers, Althaus, Hutchinson,
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reported by the nurse. The vagina was firmly packed with sterilised
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100*2°, and a minimum of 97°, and in connection with this
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Tumors on various parts of the body, giving, when pressed, a
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Tumors. Removal of uterus, ovaries and fallopian tubes for fibroid,
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spite of passing part of their existence on a non-sus-
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strument; gum-elastic, gutta-percha, and several of the metals, being
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Foley, vice president, and Dr. E. V. Wetzel, St. Cloud,

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