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for membership all persons in the county who are offi-

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are from amongst a much larger number who have come under

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few patients, indeed, who take the oil alone. In almost all it is exhib-

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of which they were the first witnesses. They stood upon the

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Vol.. CXL, i\<». .{.J HOSTON M EPICAL .iM> Sf'H(;j<'Af. JOURNAL.

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tional disease locates itself in some particular part of the body which is

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little castor-oil or glycerin may be added to make the mass more plas-

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ately on 1 c.c. of the cerebrospinal fluid in the collodion sac against 3 c.c. of

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on the contrary, asserts, that the practice of worming is whol/v

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Lithii Citras Effervescenn (Lithium Citrate. Effervescing). Tab- .

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nology that was televised on ABC’s Nightline, in the audi-

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the other way, they have the properties of an alcohol. Thus the group

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Handbuch der pathologische Mikroorganismen, Ed. 2, Fischer, 1912, 3» 837.

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appear to be under the control of the sympathetic nervous system, for it

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space on which the Mark V. waggon can turn is 30 feet 7 inches.

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diseases with renal retention, such as nephritis. Moreover, the blood

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Almost his last words were : " That there is a God all must acknowl-

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hibited nothing unu9ual> his appetite was very godd, and he complained only

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The gait of the subject of so much malformation must

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*' new disease." Marie has collected five instances published

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cicatrization occurs, a peculiar lustrous, whitish, stellate,

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child in the house who develoj^ed it pretty soon and he was a

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being recorded. Barthez and Sanne mention eight cases in which

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sdenUflc attainnaenu as by his great experience to wply B in the meet

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as soon as the diagnosis is made or suspected, care being taken

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Chenopodinm leptophyllnm snbglabmm, Wats. Proc. Am. Acad.

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Scotia to Manitoba and south to Florida, Kansas, and Texas.

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Methacetine occurs in shining, white, odorless and almost tasteless

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increasing wealth and facilities for transportation it has become easy for

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imparting a characteristic quality necessarily defined as

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Leipzig, 1897, IV. p. loff). No ?k)ubt, the moon's action upon the tides, "the

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MM. Weber next enter upon the Theory of Walking (page 805). The forces

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