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demonstrated at the operation. These are here mentioned because the
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{(l) Infection undoul)tedly contracted in the District of Columbia 363
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work. These buildings are in the open country and yet near
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as cutting short the fever, relieving pain and having no heart
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SARGENT, George W., resid., 33 Haverhill St.; office, 181 Essex
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Ele >tated that his pulse bad Icon frequent and feeble, all tiinwgN
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Other neurones in this preparation He immediately ventrally of
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and on the third day, when I first saw the case, there
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Edinburgh and London : William Blackwood & Sons. 1897.
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explains in part the reasons why the Committee on Race in Relation to
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the kindness of Dr. E. W. Taylor that I was able to
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immovable. The heart, together with the mediastinum, is
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Yjossibly be shown ; but, as in other branches of our profession, the
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to consider whether distilled water may not have picked up after its distillation.
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some time previously been salivated by the internal use of mercury,
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simalating acute visceral inflammation, Kobey, W. H., Jr., 411:
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him upon his mettle, and the beating them will give him
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stage of obstruction at which gastrotomy has hitherto been usually
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ranted to contain 10 per cent, of morphine. The only condition re-
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and the matters vomited resumed their former appearance.
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Open and separate the liquor from them, then wash them
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the neck and head of the femur, so often seen in badly treated
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of not less than 50,000 ; or (h) in Scotland or Ireland, under
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determinations. All measurements were made at 25° db 0.01.
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2 ounces of meat; the yolk of the egg contains even more nitrogen
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Ad.hvss I,, III.- -laduates of the Buffalo Medical College, Feb., 18,)f),
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