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We are now prepalred to study the symptoms of lesions in the

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allay thirst let the patient suck ice frequently. Carbolic

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but obstruction rather than insufficiency is more certain to produce the

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freezing the superior surface of the cerebrum through the

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limited iu extent, forming occasional adhesions. The neo-membrane

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its height, the greatest number returned on any given day being 85 on the

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gradually. In the vast majority of cases, sooner or later it ends in recovery,

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cold, especially to cold winds and draughts, by impure air in

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trouble can be prevented by early operation. In old people the tendency of

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and people of almost every grade of ignorance and carelessness, and yet

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has had the care of — diagnosis, treatment and temper-

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absent. Hypersensitive children, such as rachitic children, usually

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by so doing they may cause pain to others, or bring dire anger upon them-

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applicable in endeavouring to judge of tumours, especially when large or

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for some time, and after it ceases, a watery flow, then

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facility equal to that experienced in daylight. In the

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knowledge. In the early days of vaccination the acci-

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these Bymptoms and physical signs, I do not see how we could have

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mating 325 pounds of skim milk to be worth 100 pounds corn meal,

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entirely to convenience of description and to clinical considerations.

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and ditfidence, there is now the strongest reason for

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ideas on this subject, and probably it may be of interest to the

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Bulloch's apparatus the fermentation tests are complicated by the fact that

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189 ; proposed hospital for at Chelsea, 427. See also

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eastern Dispensary, where he used an acid gargle. His symp-

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de Bordeaux, 1897, xxTii, 431. Also: Eer. iuteruat. de

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cells resembling decidual giant cells, suggesting the idea that here was a new

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being generally limited to the left side of the heart would seem to render

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The Cesarean Operation performed twice, successfully, on the

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how large tumors may be present without causing the

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which varies in different cases, or it may embrace the whole of the affected

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hold. But these must be distinguished from the typical annular

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