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organization, and for the high and influential position
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tunity for defence. Certain changes in details in re-
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At the end of fourteen days, if the stitches have not given way spontaneously
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Western States. The following symptoms, which usually accom-
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veringly continued for months, and sometimes even for years. This
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her legs, her thighs, and at lafl her belly began to
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abdominal pain and tenderness. On the 12th Dr. Duncan saw
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Since then its use has been gradually extended, and he has come to look
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Path of exit of the micrococcus from the lodi/. — The urine is the
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The first impression which the patient experiences to whom
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This is equally efficacious in its action, and much more ele-
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f Case I. Under the care of Dr. Lane, of Billerica,
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more fully to ordinary readers. Many of the sentences are
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ton, the road to which rises gently on an inclined plane
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considerable extent of surface ; in wounds penetrating the peri-
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been floating about in our mind's vision, but had never formed itself into
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friends, was one of the greatest cities within the boundary lines
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a hen's egg". The hail was succeeded by a very heavy storm of rain and wind.
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usually, but not always, 3 be accomplished by giving the
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went up to 103.5°F. in the evening and in the evening of February
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on the side opposed to the lesion may show signs of intramedullary
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Fifty varieties of potatoes were grown on each kind of
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in the stomach by the action of ptyalin of saliva before
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but I shall leave behind me a large volume of manu-
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pose, a notice is served on the owner or person in charge to this effect,
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matter, and a process of self-purification of the utmost
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days. After this the bowels moved naturally, and patient im-
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titioner, and, toward the end, martyr to a fiery tem-
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exploratory laparotomies — performed by different sur-
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St. Mary’s on April 30, 1948, and eight days after the
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The regular quarterly meeting of the Worcester County
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frequently observed ; and, when present, is looked upon as pathognomonic

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