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after Bright, Rayer did not hesitate to describe them as intlam-

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three and a half inches. The pelvis tilled by an elastic mass ; vagina

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Yellow fever has been epidemic for several months in Vera

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Lonicera involucrata, Banks, Richards. Bot. App. £d. 2, 6 (1823).

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first pointed out the great injustice sutiered by the universities

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afforded protection from the organisms themselves. In one experi-

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the extremities, having little, if any, constitutional de-

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tected by a handkerchief or piece of muslin attached to the back

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The woman was dead. There was no death struggle. The patient was

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to draw off his water this morning with a catheter ; has

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distribution was particularly noticeable in the retrosternal region, in

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Salol also prevents the excessive formation of wind, which is some-

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the attending staff of BeUevue Hospital, an mstitution which had the ad-

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F.R.S. Pp. viii + 344. London : ^Nlacmillan & Co. 4s. 6d.

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Liverpool, in an excellent article on this subject in the Lancet, already

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thelium was beginning to form on one ear, and a fresh

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varies greatly in different women, and also in the same women

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struct the etherizers in any way he thinks proper. It

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advantages, it seems to me, are without foundation.

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Harvard Odontological Society (1949). The Harvard Odon-

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a one-week history of a limp. In July, a tick had been

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plegia, he had been complaining of " rheumatic " pains in his

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body of which he knows less!" A story is told of a doctor

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margin of the foramen in the diaphragm, through which it

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adust, sharp, waterif.h, or unconcocted : The iri^trument, viz.

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dupe the multitude upon whom he feeds. Now, however

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use, with the hope that it may encourage some to go a little

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September 19, 1889. She entered the Montreal General Hospital and

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not raise her hand to her head. It is now entirely well,

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brain was firm and perfectly healthy. The i divided transversely. By compressing the

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Upper fragment may be felt in placement of elbow. ("Flexion fracture.")

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