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By act of Congress approved July 1, 1902, the name of the "United States Marine

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(d) A boy, set. 6, with chronic arthritis of the wrist joint.

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the same family persons attacked, some with diphtheria alone, some

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'• Knowledge is not power. Power arises by train-

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saw an example some years ago under the care of my friend

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susceptible of ample proof that Pope never forgot an

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creased breathing aspirates outside 2 into the alveoli. After a moment

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The meeting was called to order at 1 : 40 o'clock p. m., by Vice-Presi-

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plished physician at the age of eighteen, and that at

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through the wound, and the upper part of the incision wss

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I say ? Nay, it is an union ancient as eternity it-

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the incision, which the doctor plugged with lint to prevent

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are frequently found in the fibrous masses remaining after complete

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of the subject, and reported a personal observation in

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it three times a day, at rising, at noon, and at night, for the

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nuclei. Ours is not the first in which the optic thalamus, and even the

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may equal the usual quantity. Sometimes there is sickness and

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except that he caught cold easily and was constipated. Physical examina-

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who has once experienced its attacks, an immunity from, or partial pro-

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the small length of image shift is greater than that in the

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processes, and a further rise in temperature, accompanied or followed by an

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