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well as to those other activities of which subsequent
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athletics for the deaf. They also promote participation in the World Games
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Struthers, born in 1821, was the eldest of three sons of Alexander
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represent the lower half of the ansa subclavia and leave the vagus
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alight and superficial wound, which seemed to have taken
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erful and resistant (widerstandsfahig) than that of
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ing grounds and streams, and also to prevent any portion of a
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"takes after" his distinguished uncle in appearance and char-
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winter approaches to seek a climate where there are more warmth and
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From this examination, it then results, that the pulse is not a ge-
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definition of tonics and a statement that the term implies to a certain
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ro.n tort able day. Morphia reduced to J gr., still con-
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have no desire for sexual iutercouree, and submit to
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in cold water or on wet stones. Both full douches and
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saline solution, and 0.2 cc. of filtrate virus. On the 6th day the extremities were
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The following formula is recommended by Dr. G. W. Spence, of
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tion of the blood always affords a means of diagnosis between cancer of
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time and in a less pronounced degree. Salkowski be-
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ing too much importance to such a drop (Fig. 4). It is stated that in some
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of its velocity. The mass of the projectile and the attraction of
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impressed upon the kidneys by states of congestion and from
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its own or on the opposite side, or in the median line. It is situ-
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rectum, and intravenously was tried, but without apparent benefit. The
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twenty-four hours was 70.5 ^ , on July 9. In 1894 the
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It seems superfluous for me to speak to you of Dr. Sweet's char-
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I say, that malignant jaundice of the adult may exist without lesion
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its maximum, being of equal parts of acid and water.
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of carbohydrate bouillon at the time the inoculation was made. Un-
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for the Record by Dr. E. P. Hurd, Newburyport, Mass., on the
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prehend essentially all cases in which epileptic or epi-
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2. Broncho-pneumonias are bacteriologically not a single
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give it as a drink, where they will not drink use one-third

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