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solution to replace fluids lost and to decrease acidosis incident to

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follows fits. If so, it will soon be broken by the restlessness which pre-

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delight to recall, recognizing that whatever we owe

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Another cause is retention of the urine for a long time, due to the spas-

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workers that the toxin will not form in acid medium, but we have

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HOSPITAL NOTES AND OLEANINQS. Liquor Ammouife in Traumatic Tetanus . 123

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tinction would have to be made between a cholemia from angiocholitis,

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The prodromata of paranoia frequently have their concep-

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ferent environment which materially modified the disease,

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treating meningitis or preventing infection of the cerebrospinal

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child the cortex had not taken on its proper functions.

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the following : professor of natural science, TJrbana Uni-

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fective in counteracting the oncogenic change. Oncogenes

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them to predominate to such an extent as to obscure, and to cause to

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sult is a book which fills its niche in the medical lit-

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disease. He thinks the profession is not sufficiently alive to the value

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also thought desirable to employ the method to investigate further into

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very symbol of fecundity — whether they know this or not — when

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hernia, the propriety of laparotomy mipht be strongly

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tion progressed until now the right eye is 18 mm below its fellow-eye

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occasion, extend that list, contenting myself merely with a report

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described by Buzzard as " martial misfits," are frequently able

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lutely no satisfactory history of the character of his

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reported in which, after propranolol, the tachycardia was replaced by a severe brady-

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tinued to improve ; and, at the end of the fourth week of the attack and the

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Space win not allow of a fuller description in this work.

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The.loin strap should be so adjusted that the traces, when in draft,

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Priestly, surgeon-general Iowa National Guard, Des Moines, la.

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fatty degeneration, suffice it to say that this condition generally

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20 among the officers recovered, and those were selected

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the lesion is generally a favourable symptom ; but redness may be absent

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