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effort increases the jerking ; motion does not entirely cease during sleep.

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phenylhydracin as a test for sugar was first proposed by Fischer, and has

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important point, that of withdrawing all the irritation possible

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side of gynecology, one which is in great danger of being lost sight of

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feel tumors which actually exist but are not palpable. Once,

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on surgery, said, contrary to this, ^'A syphilitic stricture is occa-

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tibia which did not unite. I have seen a great many and very few of them

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lishes articles in order that every member of the profession may,

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70 practically excludes it. The body temperature has no symp-

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syringe, using about 200 c. c. of Dakin's solution. Of these ten cases nine

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"Again, Bouchard'^ has shown that in certain dyspeptic

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that the urine, the secretion by means of which these toxic sub-

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old lines by virtue of the forces of inertia which are so prone to

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pain. Diagnosis at that time, ulcer of the stomach. He had lost

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lated upon the success with which their supply has met the demand.

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strength. On Feb. 1, 1919, patient noticed puffiness under eyes upon

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vere. During the past six months patient has had several very severe

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On this theory Dr. Linhart could explain all the symptoms in his case, and,

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precautions is not made impressive, and the advisability of emptying

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impossibility of introducing nourishing drinks, and in those patients who,

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His second case was a rhachitic primigravida, who recovered, the child

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Lupus adenopathies are somewhat rare; they develop or are located in the

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They also found that when the solution was not fresh accommoda-

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at least not much is gotten from the patient as to the symp^

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abdominal than to the thoracic. The heart also slows down from ten

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arthritis, that it should not be too seriously regarded in a history

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medical men, therefore, who in the above cases recognized the

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gestion, constipation (sometimes diarrhoea), emaciation, diaphoresis,

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carefully sutured and maintained in apposition, a restoration of function is

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abdominal pain on the next day. Continued use of somnal appeared to im-

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other method ; that convalescence is brought about much sooner.

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At this point I must be permitted to go back a few years, in order to

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than normal and form a thickened ring. The thickening may extend

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These attacks continued to occur at intervals of three or four weeks

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the kidneys. My experience has been that urine passed by patients with

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