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I could say that this is never done by any of our pro-
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the Class of 1929 submits this history, in order that their memory may
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three ounces), and, notwithstanding repeated examina-
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with the accumulation of its contents. From personal observation
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By the end of the fourth month the baby's weight should be nearly
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swung across, and completely close the track. The herd
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ing itself is new, but that it is new as the home of the College of Phar-
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Depression, the slightest degree of inversion, implies that the fundus
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off lateral branches, which again unite with each other, forming a
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the hair. Hard rubbing on the bones or cords causes soreness.
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urine was examined, and was found to contain arsenic.
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required to hold the patient down. The knife was to be dipped
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Lepicard states that on account of neighboring bronchial infection
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water, 1 pint. Boil the acid and potash with half-a-])int
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"What is good to cure rheumatism?" We have met not a
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oped in mountain floras, has undoubtedly often been
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Schnitzler. Centralbl. f. d. ges. Therapie, xvi, 65, 1898.
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and in religion, and this was parallel to a universal demand for
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brane of the fauces is unusually red and injocted; a viscid, tenacious, or cream-
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Case 6. — ^The patient, a clerk in a counting-room, resigned *
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circulation. On the part affected are red spots, more or less swollen,
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persons who, while in a state of hypnotic somnambulism,
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lation, and this may be operative in the cases of par-
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35 in 366 gave this reaction (0.95 per cent.). Indican was found in 10 of
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causes and symptoms of this illness I will briefly describe
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occur rarely in this region, being more common in the outer angle
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any particular period of life : both males and females are equally
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become numb, and then the seat of a vibratory sensa-
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equally to light. Slight divergent strabismus in the
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marks sound boastful, be not less ready to pardon the conceit of a

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