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''^j^EALIZING that in many of the diseases in which Lambert's Lithiated Hydrangea has been
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should be attended to, and manganese and intramine prescribed in the
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that force or persistency which is known to occur in the case of a
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sion to the hospital, a diagnosis of lobar pneumonia was made. Shortly
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by Welch and Flexner in the case already cited, Goebel found gas blebs, con-
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embodied in the present for the convenience of those who, like the writer, have
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The following few formulae selected from the list will convey an idea of the class of ingredients
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during or following pneumonia, in which the intestines were
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distinction when we discuss the general laws to which the develop-
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primary digestive origin of the tuberculous infection. — {Soc, of
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at once the full standing of the experienced workman.
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information on application to the Public Health Service, Treasury
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that gives such instantaneous relief as wet-cupping in toxic and in
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of time forth, I resolved to use every effort to evade similar misfor-
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catalyzed by thrombin. Factor Xa, with anionic phospholipid
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has followed her usual employment as stenographer, and is at present
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tension of the lateral ventricles with subsequent rupture of the
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nective-tissue fibres, with an external peritoneal envelope,
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morality of the people ; and, as such, what is our exhibit
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Committee..No. 4. Vital Statistics — Helen MacMurchy, M.D.,
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5. Brown. Medical Essays on the Diseases of the Heart, &c.
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derived from the external surfaces and the internal organs, unite into
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discolour the leaves and stems of trees and farm crops. Act
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rltis or metritis, to bleed, or give tartar-emetlo or calomel; we use such reme .
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coat, to get my hat, &c, and always find him, hat on, at the door,
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in 1892 or 1893. In 1893 she went to India where she took charge of a hospital in
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tinued for the next month, but he was able to return to his work. Finally these
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and having learned its true nature, learn also that it is too late to
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Particular attention is directed to its service in Pulmonary Consumption, taken internally
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Ophthalmic Interne and as Interne to Department for dis-
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to but read some of the medical journals of to-day to
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ment by douches and shampooing, to induce absorption of the super-
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cially if patients arc young and there is a history of hemorrhage. In

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