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duced through wounds (§ 3). As a rule, it seems to be true

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brated and successful surgeons, that they rugs, etc. ; and, in other words, all unnec-

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produced by digitalis, colchicum, etc. That it probably increases

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softened and detached, may be removed by the finger-nail.

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of his fancy — having otherwise no real existence.

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young worm which he considered to be ment of any service is the opening up and

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Rome, August 24, 1903.— In the Hospital of San Givanni Calibrita (del Fatebene Fratelli)

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disease is at its height ; extreme sensitive- Bellevue, Tex.

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of the operation, there seems to be a constant tendencj^ to increase,

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discharge them at a supposed peccant organ, as a boy might aim

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they will not develop in aerobic cultures such as on slant

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("a) Caecum, (b) intestines, {c) abscess. The control rabbit of same weight

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the medicine in a particular case at the same hour of the day and

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simple, for its therapeutic effects, in my practice, have been vastly supertor to those obtained from Lithia

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this conclusion by reflecting upon the mode in which prussic

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isolated from diseased animal tissues. In view of this wide

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necessary for the infested flesh of the host to be eaten by

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4. Succus Conii (P. B.). — This is a preparation which differs

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mere arbitrary dicta of a violent and mischievous propaganda

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throughout the disease, but the cause is not worded phrases of description could hope

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tion. With Notes and additions by A. Hewson, A. M., M. D., Surgeon

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previa, it is yet too soon to formulate any P'^^' ^.- J- ^'^^ s Imperial and Royal

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In 1 886, Dr. Theobald Smith discovered another bacterial

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observation of Loring as to the enlargement of retinal vei7is

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a kind of magma, containing some fibres, and much resembling a

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cage of kidney tuberculosis. Do not, as presence of bacteria and I am sure it is a

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did dropsy occur. In the second set of experiments the effects

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chromatin, peculiar cell division (neuroglia cells and vascular

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tractions ; immobility of the thoracic cage ; anxiety ; want of

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Surgeon to the Royal South London Ophthalmic Hospital, and^ Ophthalmic

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I next proceeded to make an examiuation of his abdomen.

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within the profession, and that those who prescribe it have given it unstinted praise.

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has obtained similar good results in cases of tinea tonsurans,

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ing-cough would warrant us, I believe, in cx)usidering it as

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It is already established that for every A sixteenth child (case of L. B.) exam-

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coat of these organs, so will the same cause excite similar action in

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building) — was carried out in a little town ing to me for excellent work, and which is

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thirteen years, he had met with twenty fatal cases. Prof. Stoltz, of

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a useful degree of astringency, and they have an alcoholic strength

dog medicine chloramphenicol

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Plenty of other cascara "palatable"' preparations — but they are not

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31st. Bowels moved freely ; pulse, tongue and skin natural, some appe-

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