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since, trusting the indications of a lying instrument, he may

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professional profit, and for mutual social pleasure. And I also

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unsatisfactorily in many instances, every honest physician must

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I exclusive treatment of poor women afflicted with the

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the Pacific Sanitarium, designed for the treatment of sur-

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it is, rather, a tablet covered with half-obliterated inscriptions,

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At that time the War of the Rebellion was stiH in pro-

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successful practice. The doctor has always been ageneral

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by physicians, in one of its forms, as giving rise to a group of

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"Recent Methods of Gastrostomy for Stricture of the Oesophagus" (Am. Jour,

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ness. The state of the ears improved under this remedy ; but,

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College of Physicians and Surgeons as Professor of Operative Sur-

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served up to the time of his death in 1910. When he took office,

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