Carafate In Dogs

than is wont in such cases ; for I should be far from condemning all

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hands of the General Secretary, or one of the Secretaries of the Sec-

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vantage to the profession and the public. Why should not the Col-

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Subcapsular haemorrhage in the liver of the hojrse ; partial recovery ; relapse

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developed ; its onset was insidious, but the real nature of the disease

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the name of rotige (red), but which has no connection with sarcoptic or

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reply to these questions. In these the accident has happened in

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.Westminster Ophthalmic, 1.30 P.M. — Royal London Ophthalmic,

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a 10 per cent, solution of methylene blue (methylene blue, ten parts ;

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out what additional precautions are needed to guard the innocent from

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On the 8th August both wounds had closed and were granulating

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to the question whether, in the present state of science and in view of

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which it is particularly marked. Sometimes it is general, all the

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liniments just mentioned in speaking of squamous eczema.

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The tumour was not of the same appearance and character through-

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free extremity. This tumour was greyish in colour, ulcerated, divided

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pulmonic second sound, instead of preceding it as in health. Some-

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circumstances concur to attract the eye and arrest the attention— the

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This will certify that ray son had suffered severely with scald head for seven

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two, the radial being small and rounded. The relative size of these

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piece. The inguinal glands, especially those of the left side, were en-

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field had no doubt caused straining by their excessive teasing.

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Row; W. C. Amison, M.D., 45, Northumberland Street; Luke

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amount and consistence of the faeces rendered this useless. The

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