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show an increasing liability to diphtheria up to " school age " and a declin-
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cause much pain, or pressure over the ovaries, may cut short
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the persistence of the effusion that takes place into
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tumour, as if so it could hardly have escaped Dr. Collier's
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ing the patient was delivered of a child weighing 7i/^ pounds. The
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vaccination has been very imperfectly performed, and that both cate-
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mechanical operation towards the root of the lungs, we with almost
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No privy or place for the deposit or storage of human
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Poupart's ligament and in the flank as a brawny, perhaps fluctu-
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find complete dulness; indeed a considerable amount of pneumonia may
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Vol. I. General Diseases. Diseases excited by atmospheric influences, the Infections.
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exclusion from the dietary a fruitful factor in the ihcelop-
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two pounds, was now reduced to eighty-seven pounds.
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The stethoscope reveals some soft bubbling rales heard on inspira-
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at the absence of any sign of improvement after 7| months. His
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and difficulties iu his church. At this period he took a severe cold,
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bodily cavities of the trunk. Tbe heart and the lungs
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The clinical features vary greatly with the size and site of the cavity.
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tion of pneumococcal infection in children with homozygous sickle cell disease. Br
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sion from the Society Provided, that no sentence of expulsion shall be
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limb, but without success. At the post-mortem examination, all
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all attempts to explain the origin of the various epidemics, or to
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imperfection varies in diiferent cases. It may be purely mental ; the
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situated beyond the point of obstruction say 12 or 24, or 36
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to Clinton, Ga., for special temporary duty. January 13, 1899.
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one now believes that true pus, in its uncorrupted state, can be ab-
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York ; read an abstract of his report, which was referred to the
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which I have had to lay before you the many co-operating causes.
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elimina-.ing the metabolic products fast enough, and are probably dis-
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but to one it is given to see, and another to hear."
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On examination, his pulse was 8o, full and regular; his heart
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to that of strychnia. They are all soluble in boiling water, all con-
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ever, was usual, and might be held to justify interference.
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Those who medicate largely with specific remedies without distinct in-
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In 1855 Virchow followed Heusinger in declaring for the mala-
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1902 c. — (Jeber die Giltigkeit dee Gattungsnamens A nkylostomum Dubini <"Cen-
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Undoubtedly, hemorrhage from the nose or gums, hsematemesis,
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skin affection ; thirst was marked in only one ; he-
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medical library and scientific specimens to the University of
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are, however, necessarily very brief, and do not appear to us to add
dapsone dosage for brown recluse bite
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to have discovered, and has certainly described with
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the 15th of February 1860, and at the end of the first year 172
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tended, large brown patches of skin developed, which
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typhoid and paratyphoid infections occurring among typhoid vaccinated troops.
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ingenious operation for the cure of cystocele which is based upon the same
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possible, and leave my medical brethren to draw their own con-
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From 45 to 56 per cent, of general ocular traumatisms are

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