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Department shall be for seven years, and the retirement of the

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produce of the hard earned dollar, cookery is of the greatest

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in a recent paper read before the Harveian Society by the exhibitor as

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a Colies’ fracture with significant deformity followed by

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If the observations put forth in a previous paper be at all correct we are

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Voluntary communications being in order, Dr. E. Christian read the

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be provided with suitable backs for the support of the spine, and chil-

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subject to epilepsy ever since she was married. Grandmother

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least danger to the patient. But even under these circumstances the

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times its usual amount. As this extra quantity, however, is ^

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Medical College, &c. Second edition, revised and enlarged. In one large and closely

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beverages or in hot liquid foods, an hour or more before its

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to the total number of patients received into the various hospitals, the

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cratic ideas, and when we are demanding the same of the great

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formation and its significance was a tremendous advance.

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these substances is easily ascertained by experiment.

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individual organisms present in the same culture. Oval, round, and

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contributing funds to maintain one or more beds in the ]\Iuskoka Free

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of " triple infirmity "' (deaf, dumb and blind) are more

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Symptoms. I will mention only those which may be regard-

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ment of her harp. This made a picture in itself. It

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powdered myrrh, one ounce ; pulverized orris, one ounce. Mix and sift

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each lecture the entire body of students assemble ; the pro-

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the cancer cells. This action is probably a photo-chemical one on the

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the exact way in which the parasite brings about the lymph stasis, which

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They are coextensive, and are frequently found existing in

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Just as in tubercle, the affected tissues may become cicatrised or

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As its name implies, the Interfraternity Council functions as

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probability of being within 2.2 seconds of the measured value.

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The work appears to have been subjected to a thorough

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